Sunday, February 04, 2007

Laws Against Simple Nature - Polygamy & Gays

Today on Heaven & Earth, the wonderful BBC program I love watching every Sunday morning, I am happy about the discussion on polygamy in America.

Polygamy to me isn’t wrong so long as it is between consenting adults. In Africa where I originate from, polygamy works and still does. The notion that there is always rancour in a polygamous family always leaves me laughing when compared to the rate of domestic violence that occur within monogamous marriage or even the attending divorces. While I was a Christian, these are some of those Christian righteousness that I do not go with including dressing, etc. The bible is full of polygamists who became God’s best friends, etc; what of the ‘man after God’s heart’?

Nevertheless, the issue is that some laws in our world are actually tyrannical even when they seem to be the wish of the society; and laws against polygamy are just one of those bad ones. Presently in the UK, we are seeing how some ‘holier than thou’ so-called men of God are threatening to discriminate against some section of the society by denying even hotel/B&B rooms on the bases that two people of the same sex has found companionship in themselves.

Yet what these people forget is that the same God they claim to worship – if at all they do or they control the God – gives children to even homeless mad people, to the rich and poor, to the slave and free, etc, without discrimination. Yet, they sit in their damned mortal body to determine who should take care of a child whose parents aren’t there to take care of. I think they should first prosecute that God for denying these children their biological parents at first.

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