Monday, February 05, 2007

If Only George Bush Thinks!

Its 7:35pm and I just came home and put on the TV to see what’s left of Channel 4 news since I had been out all day and not been able to grab any news apart from what I read over the internet.

Anyway, as I tuned in to the news, I saw the issue on Iran and its nuclear whatever. What rather drew my attention is one of the kids protesting on the streets of Iran against America as they have been instigated to do. He said “America is too busy to attack us”. I couldn’t but laugh, he was right but not really.

I do not support development of any weapon but at the same time, I do not support America’s dictatorial behaviour over the world even on things they have done and still doing. Having said that, and back to my main issue, what amused me about the young man’s word was when I relate it to who is in-charge of America at the moment.

If only junior George Bush knows when he is busy? If only he knows when to stop? If only he thinks ahead or reflects back? If only he doesn’t let his biased intuition lead him? If only he knows the difference between help and attack? If only he thinks of the soldiers he is sending to pre-mature death, the many weak souls that we’ll lose, the so much widow, widowers, childless, motherless, fatherless, etc that wars make? I mean, if only he knows the boundary between helping and taking over. But unfortunately, he knows absolutely nothing; pity.

So when I listen to the young man say “America is too busy to attack Iran”, I laughed. The wish should rather be that Bush’s impulsive spirit does not even think of Iran. He has caused a lot of chaos in the world already… I pray he don’t add more by attacking Iran before he leaves office. Unfortunately, he still has a long time before he goes. Sorry for the world.

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