Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It Has Turned To Mere Foolishness

Listening to BBC Thrystan Young as he (or she?) reports on Animal fitness - dont flinch - , I cant but laugh and wonder where the world is heading to.

The whole affair now makes me, in just a twinkle of an eye, think the issue of global warming a mere foolish pursuit; well, completely. Animals exercising? Eating healthy? What sort of rubbish and waste of time and resources are these? I think somebody better start time management on the fools initiating these. A lion need to eat meat and it doesn’t spell bad diet to it neither does a goat eating only forages experiences unhealthy feeding. In the report, Dolphins were shown eating prawns and their weight being checked and pigs eating fruits; even dogs taking a skipping exercise to be fit; (to be fit you ask?). This is absolute madness.

It is high time governments and all the idle people involved look for something else to do than wasting time and resources shouting hoax about global warming. The earth is healthy as it is, the only problem is has is the cheating of poor people by the rich, the killing of the innocents in Iraq and other places, the hunger caused by modern colonization of poor countries by rich companies mining gold, exploiting oil and slaving the people with little or no wage while they take billions of pounds and dollars home as mere bonus.

The real heat will only start when the bottled up emotion of these poor people explode into a revolution and the wicked riches are massacred. Watch out!

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