Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Discrimination Against Homosexuals: Unjustified and Unreasonable

Well, if Bed & Breakfast, hotels, adoption services, etc are ready to deny services to gays, and claims its not discrimination; can they tell us what it is please?

It is funny that humans tend not to learn from our past. In the years running up to the 1960s, blacks faced same harassments in the States until the various resistances by individuals and groups. For someone who claims not to segregate against colours, what justification then has he or she got to segregate against sexuality.

The real issue is this: if you think it is against the bible to render services to people in homosexual relationship, you must be a fool to render services to non Christians because they are also practising what(ever) belief, that the bible does not support. How do you wage that?

To me, I would only accept that B&Bs and the rest of them clamouring for this discrimination be allowed to do it so long as they only serve people of their faith. And for me, no matter what law comes into force, in my favour or theirs, I would, as much as I can, stay away from these wicked souls. If they are forced to accept what they hate, they can give bad service which for now, is very indefinable.

Remember, righteous folks, God created us all and blesses us without any condition. Stop playing God.

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