Monday, January 22, 2007

The Big Brother Racial Row

I am not a fan of big brother and will rather not top-up my pay-as-you-go electricity meter than tune my TV to that. And as channel 4 makes noise of their viewers growing over 100% in the follow-up of the issue of the Indian actress and Jade, I still did not tune to Big brother. But I am sure, channel 4 is right because a friend of mine actually watched for the first time to see the eviction.

As for the headlines, having listened to the issues carefully on the news and seen shots of the scenes, I think that the whole affair was blown out of proportion through political correctness.

Isn’t it time people be proud of their nature and not run away from it? and far from that, isn’t the Indian actress big enough to above inferiority complex than depending on issues as name calling to rope in sympathy and superficial compassion?

In the first place, while I believe that people have their rights to watch what they want, I think that big brother is some nonsense and Jade is right to behave in a depraving manner towards the actress because that’s what the program appears to encourages if they are going to retain some idle minds for weeks for God-knows what. Isn’t it a setting for liberal life or are they telling us that the show is a sham and a stage work?

Anyway, Jade or whatever she is called, has learnt her lesson in a hard way; next time, she will think before calling names. I totally abhor racism.

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