Friday, January 05, 2007

Ashes Lost - Blame The Third World War

Oh dear! England lost the Ashes. And not just loosing it, but in a very humiliating way; 5 – 0; pity – although I do not understand any of those cricket counting and bowling.

It resurrects history, taking us back to 1921 – which most of us know nothing about anyway – blamed on the effects of the just ended first world war, the first and ‘then’ only time England lost all 5 series. That’s understandable to a certain level. After all, there must be an excuse for all our mistakes.

And so, does someone not see the problem why Andrew Flintoff and his men lost this time? I can see it. It’s the third world war, the one Bush and Blair have invented and managing so well (?).

Secondly, the guys have to loose. They were also touched by Saddam’s execution, well, that’s a big part of the third world war. So, we can accept it there is reason to loose. Well done Aussies! and you need it more, at least to send the old guys like Justin Langa away. It builds their history and gives them a more cherishable future.

What award should we give the England team members now? Ambassadors of Sports? At least to facelift their OBE from 2005 victory.

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