Monday, December 11, 2006

You Must Integrate, Excellent Speech

Last Friday, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair made what I think is his best ever bold speech as a premier. I so much loved that speech about integration that I cant but listen to it over and over on the BBC website. Excellent; well done Tony.

Well, I’m sure you might be wondering why I should say so. But if you have followed my blog for some time now, you will know why. I have always believed that Britain’s stance on immigration had been sooooooooooooooo weak that the rich culture of this great nation is threatened; in fact had almost been run over.

Sometime in October when Australia proposed a law to make people adapt to their culture or remain strangers, I blogged and pointed to britian’s laid-back manner in such (see Comformity) I bet they’ve read it (praising myself sort of).

But in all, Tony Blair had made that sentence that is most feared, eschewing political correctness and taking the bold plunge. Now what remains of it is the practicality or it will all amount to a waste of breath. Someone tell him please.

We must not loose this great nation and the rich culture of freedom it posses. The monarch should remain; tolerance and openness too.

Long live the Queen. Long live Great Britian.

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