Thursday, December 28, 2006

They Wont Work Out!!!

Ok. Now there are things I think are foolish for man to pursue; we barely can make changes, why wasting our time.

Global Warming: I think that we are either or not the cause of global warming. It looks like chasing the shadow when we think and worry about this thing. If they earth is as old as they say it is, there is chance that this is one of the big seasons of the earth, something like that… I am sure you don’t understand, never mind.

Why do they want Africans (or rural dwellers) not to clear woods to farm when they come to developed countries and say we must eat vegetables? Foolish! Well, they also want us to wear organic materials now, and I doubt where we can get the cottons when they are even making laws forbidding people to hunt.

Talking of hunting, I think it is foolish to stop people in Britain to stop hunting; man has done that as long as we exist. Even they don’t want us to fish. Arrant nonsense! The world is built on creatures eating others. The lion eats the dare, the dare eats the grass, the snake eat the eggs, the birds eat the worms, and man eat animals; only on these terms does the world go on. These days, man is getting troubled about lion finishing or the sea becoming empty of fishes.

Also they call the rural dwellers primitive without cars, electricity, etc, yet they are complaining people shouldn’t own cars by way of out taxing them. These are a whole lot of irregularities that cannot help, instead sapping us of energy. We all need to travel, and yes, by air because you wont expect me to go visit my family in Nigeria on my foot. Please tell them to make sense of their wishes. But, you see what? This things keep the wheel of the world oily and rolling.

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