Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's Execution - The Fall Of The Rise

Saddam is gone, hanged, I have just heard on BBC news. But the world isn’t any better; and wont.

Like most people around the world, I do not support Saddam’s wicked tyranny and as well not his hanging. Both are sheer inhumanity.

In this age, I think no one should go to death as punishment. But my voice or whoever’s is just nothing to contest with the wicked hopes of the Bushes of this world.

While there are dangers of releasing him, such as him starting up commotion if left free, there could have been a better way to avoid death. But like the sound judgement that Bush and Blair missed in solving the Iraq’s myth of Saddam’s days, hanging Saddam isn’t the best sound decision either. I think house imprisonment for life would have been much better to tame him.

Like I began this discuss, there are still many Saddams to hang. But unfortunately, this world is ruled by these Saddams. George Bush isn’t any good to lead any country, neither is Mugabe of Zimbabwe nor Obasanjo of Nigeria my own country; and many more. But then, I am not in support of hanging any of these evil leaders; they are our plague and we got to endure them. Fact is, life is all about these imbalances and opposites.

Yet, Saddam’s should be a lesson for each and every leader – good or bad. It strengthens the saying that ‘no condition is permanent’. Beware!

May Saddam’s soul and those of other victims of wickedness, rest in peace.

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