Thursday, December 28, 2006

End Of A Session; Any Unsatisfied?

You know what? I have been thinking, what does it take to make a satisfied man? I mean, can a human ever be OK at ay point in his life and think; ‘mhh… ‘have done/achieved it all, now I have to rest’. I doubt it.

Life is all about the struggle, the pains, the sorrow, the laughter, the happiness, the joy, the LOVE, the contempt; life is just a bed mixture of roses and thorns. Think you know it all? Hang on! I will say you don’t. And now this calendar year has come to end; well, three days to go, and it will be it. As it is made, man will start counting anew and feeling afresh as if there is any difference between the night-morning of 18th /19th November, and night-morning of 31st December 2006 /1st January 2007; obviously none. But aren’t we made to follow the trends?

So do you feel fulfilled in the ending marked period? Or do u feel a failure (anyway, right word will be unaccomplished)? Some will actually feel neither. Life is about trying. If it has not gone well in 2006, I bet you are ready to correct those mistakes by adding ONE hoping it works. So, take it easy. Don’t kill yourself yet. Someone somewhere still needs you no matter how foolish or wise you are. Don’t think its all over; it’s NEVER. And I mean, its NEVER over until you die. And if you think death is the cheap way out, think again! There is still a lot to enjoy, to see, to experience, both good and bad. But I bet you will like to see most, regardless of what they are and you wont mind tasting and experiencing them either.

Now, let me tell you something, a real human takes responsibility and that means waiting to face the WHOLE consequence. Once this year, I considered suicide, but then I knew it’s very irresponsible and doesn’t solve the problem, so I gave up. Moreover, I was too chicken-hearted to harm myself; the thought of it was so appalling I hated to get near a kitchen knife thereafter. Baaaaaah! Unlike Michael C/Howard, I wont ask you if you are thinking what I am thinking, No; but to think what I am thinking: square up and face life. That’s it.

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