Monday, December 11, 2006

Archbishop Akinola is Fanning Corruption In Nigeria Too

Reading The Church of England, a newspaper of the Church of England which has been published since 1828, the headline of the December 8th Edition calls for a question. It says “Row as Archbishop ‘banned’ in Sheffield” and talked about the ever controversial sentimentalist Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Akinola.

That case isn’t any worry to me anyway. I am no Akinola supporter and wouldn’t bother at his issues. But I must say that if there were any discrepancies regarding his preaching, such must not be encouraged.

My concern and what most drew my attention was the reason the righteous Primate was actually in England this time; funny! That he came for medical treatment is just as appalling and sinful in my own eyes as his regard for tolerance in the church.

For a country as rich as Nigeria, it is shameful that corruption has aided lack of proper medical system that the hospitals are just… well not existing would be the appropriate word. And what do they do? The rich, who has parasitized the once plump country use the money to get better treatment in foreign country. Akinola is not one of them (?)

One might think. But he obviously is directly or indirectly part of the evil that is destroying what belongs to all of us. He knights the devils emissaries in Nigeria politics and other questionable wealthies, gives them private services in cathedrals and chapels, attends their chieftaincy titles made from bribery and all ill-gotten wealth. And the poor in his church? Where do they go when they are ill?

He heads the righteous church where money is the deciding factor. Where the church only attends funerals of those whose yearly dues/levies are up-to-date, where baptizing child is only possible if his parents are 'financial' members; a church where the poor are never recognized. But he is the holy of holiest telling others what to do and declaring who could come into a church or not. Akinola must be God.

If you know him, tell him that seeking medical attention in England when his own country is suffering from stunted medical usefulness is also sinful. If God is not only sourced from Canterbury, let him know that medical attention can also be done locally with what is available.

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