Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unity In Pieces

For whatever happens in life, the will to change is fundamental to achieving anything. Accomplished or not, that will shown, is very important and must be praised. I think that’s what we are achieving in my work place through our group outing to Portugal.

Although we have always denied the segregations which has resulted in groups instead of teams, yet when our boss organised to take us all out to another country, the acceptance that greeted it gave me hope. And you know what, we have really improved in our pursuit of harmony.

What I mean is that there should be will. If there is, we can actually harness individual peace and build a unity that we can ride on. To do this, we only need to get something or an issue of common interest among separated parties. Husband and wife can rebuild themselves, friends can re-align, business associates can rebound, etc.

Neutral activities takes our mind away from the struggle that separate us and make us pay attention to one another for sometime. And if we let ourselves, our peaked anger and anxiety will gradually relax, bringing the peace we have within, no matter how fragile, into bonding again.

It might not be 100% but whatever’s achieved will go a long way in helping stop an outburst. Pieces of harmony can get us there… if only we yield.

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