Wednesday, November 29, 2006

UCHE, I Will Miss You Forever

When I woke up on Wednesday 22nd November, 2006 with tears in my eyes, having seen in my dream an aeroplane crash from taking off into the sky and bursting into flames, little did I know that I have been warned. I prayed for all travellers regardless of travelling means. But one more thing is that I saw the aeroplane clear enough to know that it was a British Airways Boeing.

Having been trying to reach Uche in the past month, I desparately become restless to reach him that night. After meeting with my boss in the evening at a café, during which I told him my dream, I went home to concentrate on dialing Uche. Making calls to Nigeria can sometimes be like America searching for Bin-laden. I normally do not give up. I decided to call any soul that knows him to get him for me. I got someone, begged him to go see Uche the next morning and tell him I want to speak with him. But I never realized, that will never be. Chiji agreed to go. That night, he had a car accident and died.

But when I signed in to msn messenger the next morning, a former colleague commiserated with me. ‘It’s hard to be the one to tell you this’, he said. I hate running round a circle; so I demanded to know what it is. ‘Uche died yesterday night’, he said, ‘in an accident’. It was a lie, I replied. I will not believe that.

No; it was truth. Sympathies flooded me from Nigeria the next day. Yet, I did not believe it until I spoke to his HOP and then got an internal memo of sympathy from oceanic, forwarded to me.

Uche was a brother to me. He took care of me when I needed care. He pampered me like a little brother. He does not want to hear me murmur. He was a pillar to me all my days in Maiduguri. And when I wanted to leave Nigeria, it was only Uche who doubtlessly supported me unlike others. He joined me to spend whatever I have to spend to see that I travelled. Uche was a wonderful person. In the 2 years I lived with him, I never ever saw him angry; NEVER. He knows me in and out and hides nothing from me. If I have missed Nigeria, Uche was one of the main causes. I call him Ndaa Uche (respect for an older brother). He calls me “Goddy”. Now I miss being called Goddy. He is full of encouragement. I pray this is a dream. I have cried for one week now, but no, it is truth, I will never see Uche again. My head throbs, my heart bleeds, I am dodging the thought of his death. It sets my heart on real suffering. Why did God let it happen? I need help, but only the type Uche gives me.

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