Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Religion - Christianity and Islam: Both Wicked

What baffles me so much, and makes me, me an ardent Christian, brought up mainly in the church, done it for 27 years and got to quite a height in it; and what baffles me, I mean is that those who claim authority over the theory of God are the ones living contrary to what such a theory, especially the type they have upheld from the beginning, should be.

Lets looking at it; Christianity and Islam. Two great religion, leading and deciding the world, yet they are at rancour. Rancour of intolerance, distrust, or whatever evil one can think of. It is foolishly unintelligent. And they say the God they claim is a peaceful, loving and most dandiest existence. I wonder.

It’s either Muslims killing Christian or the opposite. Annoying enough to me is that these two religions, although they have lost power of ruling the world, they remain vital deciding factors in almost everything in life. But their chief sin, from my point is that they both cast in stone what they think and suppose we
must believe them or get killed here or we are promised hell after death.

Arrant nonsense! Lets scrap all them religion especially ones that try to impose mental slavery like this two dinosaurs, and I tell you, the world will be a better place.

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