Thursday, November 23, 2006

HIV/AIDS As Leprosy Of Our Time

First I must apologize to those who read me which hasn’t been coming in the past few weeks; ‘been a bit busier than ‘can handle. Anyway, I’m cool.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking again about the return of stigma in our society to a certain sect of people as in the olden days towards lepers. Although we are not taking it into real
consideration, HIV positive people and AIDS sufferers are being treated same as lepers were treated in the past though with a special but dented difference this time – modernised discrimination.

Sometime ago, I thought about slavery in modern days, and just last week, it struck me while going through some reports which cited leprosy, (I came to realize) that although leprosy seem in extinct now, its aura is once more subtly back. Although HIV+ people access the same (sometimes) health buildings as ordinary people, yet the treatment they get, from family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc is appalling and nothing less worse than a leper got 100 years ago. Who says the world is changing?

As we enter December and AIDS week is marked, I thought I should bring to your awareness reader, that HIV/AIDS are not transferable as easy as you think. And there is nothing different between you (a negative person) and the HIV+ person. In fact, this HIV+ person is not worse than a cancer sufferer, an Alzheimer patient, or any other terminal diseases. So why make life hell for these unlucky ones? Let’s join to show our love, acceptance, and support to one another. If you can, there are lots of charities out there that need your minute to help assure the affected that they are not left alone with discrimination. Fear, isolation, depression, anxiety, etc have become the blood flow in their veins. Do you care at all?

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