Friday, October 13, 2006

When The Healer Is In Need Of Healing

When the healer becomes sick…

Listening to ITV Lunch time news today, the caption used by the newscaster suggest exactly the above subject. That the NHS is sick isn’t news to anyone in the UK but the worry now to some of us (or me in particular) is what happens to the sick who the NHS is supposed to care for?

Well, no human is perfect and so there is no human invention or operation that tend to be on a smooth ride with perfection. So the problem of NHS becomes a thing to tolerate although one wouldn’t want it. Not wanting therefore, takes us to the subject ; if the curer becomes sick itself, what will the sick do?’

Well, we got no option than to sit and watch and see how the people we have elected to run the country for us will solve this problem. All the same, we (may be I) wish NHS a speedy recovery.

May be that will be the actual legacy Tony has been trumpeting since 1997.

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