Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well Done North korea

As North Korea joined the league of the untouchables today, here I am, saying congrats to them and their determination. But listen to me first before you cry ‘crucify him; crucify him’.

On BBC news, recounting the super warheads of the world, I couldn’t but gape at the members. It wasn’t a total surprise; rather it was more of a worry to me of how much America and its dictator-friends want to keep the rest of us under their control; talk of the absolute power that intoxicates.

The BBC in its news listed USA, UK, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, China and Israel as the nuclear club members. This obviously is true.

But my question remains; why and what rights have America and their puppet-allies like Britain got to stop others from possessing these dangerous weapons.

If the above states hold nuclear arsenal, and have once tested it, North Korea, Iran or whoever else also have every such right to develop and own this foolish weapons. Its time someone call America to order, though one fears if Bush isn’t the expected Anti-Christ or whatever.

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