Friday, October 27, 2006

The Queen's Bad Back - Let Us Pray

The Queen cancelled a visit to the Arsenal Stadium due to bad back. Being a keen admirer of Her Majesty, and so always interested in her duties, I am really concerned to hear such news.

For most of us, even those who don’t like this God’s servant, we know she is a gallant soldier. Of course, for an 80year old who can stand on her legs longer than most soldiers, she is very strong and smart. So the news of bad back hurdling her way to once more show her love to her subjects, especially at the stadium is really disturbing. But that’s not when my concern grew more disturbed rather only when this morning, I heard that the race course visit has also been cancelled.

Anyway, whatever be the case, I join Her Majesty to pray, that she gets well speedily. So lets pray:

O God of all wisdom, grant we pray thee, absolute healing and quick recovery to your chosen handmaid, Queen Elizabeth II, that she will continue in the duty you have called her and guided her all these years as we thank thee for all that she has been to us, an example of trust in thee, of love of humanity and of dedication to service. May the strength employed creation, the wisdom of holding the world and the craft of moulding nature, be applied to renew her strength, her wisdom and dedication to you, who lives and reigns one God for ever and ever. Amen.

God save our gracious queen. Long live Her Majesty.

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