Sunday, October 15, 2006

Doesn't Someone Feel Foolish?

Its minutes past 1a.m. and again, I am listening to BBC 24 talking about this teaching assistant and her religious veil, I couldn’t but think once more of the same fact that Muslims need to come of age.

The teaching assistant said its not good that Muslim women who wear veils are segregated against in the society. But then, when someone hides him/herself behind a wall or wrapped up and talks to others, what action is that person betraying? Think woman! This makes me ask the question: who actually is segregating who?

The society cannot be accused of segregating against veiled individuals, and the society doesn’t; only the veiled had isolated themselves.

As for me, like or hate me, I do not have a veiled friend and although I do not segregate against anyone, yet I do not think I can call someone I cannot see his or her face my friend; never. Why must people always right wrongs they know very well? And if anyone put themselves in the right shoes, how would you feel being in a class and not seeing your teacher’s face?

The veil cannot be compared to other religion relics like scarves, caps, bangles, pendants, long beards, robes, etc; but if you must deal with the public, then you must consider letting facial contact aid the founding trust between you and others.

I am in support of Jack Straw. This isn’t about religion; it’s about acceptance in its 2-way system and must be complete to be balanced. Hide and seek isn’t a game for/of seriousness after all. And it is not about and individual human rights but all of our right. If someone do not want his colleagues to see or know her, then she shouldn’t work in a public place but stay in her house. Why are we all being afraid of offending people like that all because we fear violence? It is now disgusting that we all have to put up with these irresponsibility and refusal to compromise as all do.

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