Saturday, October 21, 2006


Australia has joined the list of countries bringing in what I call good measure to making people citizens of their beloved nation; that is excellent. I am purely and staunchly in support of this measure.

Britain today is in a near state of quagmire due to its lackadaisical attitude to making every Dick and Harry citizens. Today, she is almost soon to be over-run by the ingrates it accommodated, although I must commend the UK for their large heart on that, but then I ask; of what use?

Giving citizenship of any country to any body who do not believe nor like to adapt to the culture and way of life of the good hearted country amount to giving a royal fabric to a pig. First it’s a clear foolish objective for the government of that benevolent country; secondly, it is a deceit on the part of the recipient.

So for those complaining about Australia, it’s either you accept their terms, or remain a citizen of your own country and live as you have always lived.

Well done Australia.

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