Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Not Prove The Pope's Quote A Lie?

I know this can be sensitive, but we haven’t got a choice than to ask exactly why.

Pope Benedict has received his own portion of opposition from the Islamic world in the last few days and by now must have thought ‘this is exactly what I’m saying’. Of course, it was. What with the violence that raged in wherever they destroyed even lives?

Funny thing with these cases is that Muslims have successfully installed themselves as the first class citizens of the world and thus are above comments and tolerance, all in the name of worshipping God. But it is appalling that a sect who claim to preach peace, love, unity, etc, resort to violence all the time for anything. May I ask; does Islam preach forgiveness too? I am yet to see.

One time on BBC Newsnight, a commentator assumed that Islam is in a civil war within itself. And that is not far from the truth. Yes, I believe that statement because we do not know who the real Muslims are. Are they the ones who set houses on fire and kill the innocents, detonates bomb and riots or are they the ones who tolerates others and agree that humans can air their views? Obviously I have not captured as many sect as there are but you can agree, reader, that Islam need to put its house in order.

But in all, the Pope might have not quote the late emperor, yet, the Pope’s quote has not been proved a lie with all the violence that followed. Once again, I remain on and shout out what I suggest; let the Muslim world put its house in order and tell us what to believe about them. We are all confused.

A salam alieku.


gr8gatsby said...

Is the Pope's quote a lie? Probably. He quoted the little-known Manuel II Paleologus as though he were a scholarly authority on Islam. What the Pope failed to mention (and this disengenuity of Christ's Vicar has not, alas, been pointed out in your post) was that Manuel II Paleologus spent much of his life bolstering the Byzantine Empire against the Ottomans. It was therefore in his own political and ideological interests to say these things --- regardless of whether or not they were true. What is abhorrent is that the supreme leader of a world faith has repeated them at a time when inter-faith dialogue is of the utmost urgency.

godwyns said...

The Pope's quote isnt a lie since you acknowledge the infamousness of the original speaker. And that is not what my post is all about. I dont believe in sayings especially if it comes from people whose generation differ from mine. Mind you, I'm not fan of anybody except Queen Elizabeth II; am not even carried away by the likes of Shakespare or whoever cos am not a respecter of PERSONS.
Intelligent people be able to speak not quoting some other persons; Rubbish.

gr8gatsby said...

By which comment the Pope is unintelligent? And my purpose in pointing out the infamy of the original speaker was to highlight the fact that the Pope's source was not an impartial commentator on global trends in the pre-modern age.

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