Monday, September 11, 2006

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Last week Tuesday, I met a stranger who came to share the bench with me in Green Park. We both were reading different novels.

As London is, talking to strangers isn’t any hard job. We did share about our different books and struck a friendship there. What enticed me most was how broad our discussion went and the thoughts it led me to thereafter. As we chat late into the night sitting on the stairs leading to Waterloo place, away from the whole circus at Piccadilly and Leicester Square, subjects transited smoothly and uninterruptedly, making our time very interesting.

And so, this one stuck in me: What is the purpose of life? Now, I want to find out from you reader, your own answer to that question. Kindly send your own view/answers by commenting below or sending an email to Responses should not be more than 150 words please.

Thank you.


you know said...

This question could be understood in 2 ways: What is the perpose of THE life generally? and What is the meaning of my own life? Since the religions can't give a satisfying answer after Mr Darwin discovered that we are nothing special, just an higher diveloped animal, we are perplexed. As long as nobody can provide us an answer for the first question we should regard the quest for it as our perpose of life! This is already the answer for the second question. of course not everybody can contribute something to it directly. but a life in love, passion and peace, withe the permanent urge to new experiences and knowledge, supports
a society which will find the true answer one day through science and philosophie. Follow GOETHE's maxim:
"Edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut!"(noble be the human, helpfull and good - translation lacks quality)
Enjoy life, but mind the others!

godwyns said...

You are right. But the question is: What is the purpose of LIFE. Just LIFE, not individual life but LIFE in itself.

Hope that makes it clear

Anonymous said...

From where I'm standing it seems to me that life has no real purpose. We came here by chance thanks to natural selection and before that the collision of molecules and atoms that came together during the "Big Bang". Some things just are and instead of questioning it we should be thankful and worship it. Why waste time trying to find the meaning only to find that in finding the meaning of life it has justr slipped away. I say live it and savor it, we are to busy trying to figuere out why its there and never just appreciate the beauty anyways.

godwyns said...

Thanks for your time & comments, Anonymous. I do believe in what you said but not the "Big Bang" theory.

Anonymous said...

no problem, the name is Jeniffer by the way, and as far as the "Big Bang", its just a theory, but why dont you not believe it?, if you dont mind me asking of course, just intrigued

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