Friday, August 25, 2006

The Suffering of Natascha Kampusch

Always listening to the news but what I saw this past 2 days on it really set my teeth seething and believe you me, I could kill the culprit.

In February, we read The Collector by John Fowler in my bookclub. The story was simply how a raving lunatic kidnapped a young adult lady and hid her away from the world for months providing for her and wishing she can love him. The dreadful thing is that this young promising art student died in her captivity since she can’t be taken to a hospital either so to keep her hidden. I wept at that outcome and sort of thought the author a little sadistic, but he isn’t. He is rather a prophet.

But while we read this book back in February and raged at the story, little did we gave a thought to it that same wickedness set in fiction was the portion in life, of a little girl since 1998 and ongoing. Although we all refuted the story while believing it was a nice piece of fiction and intelligent, we thought that could be a pure vague occurrence in real life. Now dare me, Natascha Kampusch went through same fate and even more gruelling in that she had her toilet, bath, bed and everything in same room and in total darkness away from the free sun. Wasn’t Fowler kind in his story then?

Miranda in Fowler’s The Collector was allowed a bath outside her underground room, a movement through the house, able to taste wine and even get to walk outside in the night sometime with her captor. But Natascha Kampusch stayed in a room for 8 years; 8 gruelling years. I cant help crying. Poor girl.

As I listened to the news and thought of what 8 years means, I can’t but help feeling hell. And for a mere 10 year old, only heaven knows how much damage has been done, morally, health-wise and entirely. Kept away from a mother’s warmth and love, the fun of family, the squabbles of siblings and peers, Natascha must have been totally damaged and will need a lifetime to re-adjust to the life she has lost. But unfortunately, she can't gain those years back. Her 10th to 18th years has forever been lost, they cant be re-made again. What a wickedness?

If you pray or believe in spiritual connection, I think we all ought to lend our spiritual strength to this young lady at this time to get on with life and forget what is gone the best she can. Yet we know, she can never, not at all, forget it. God be with her.

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Marc Privett said...

I also read the book, and when I saw the story break, the narrative of the book came rushing in. I can only pity the poor woman.

what is this world coming to when horrifying fiction becomes a reality.

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