Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Modern Slavery 2

The slave-consumer is another type of slavery which unfortunately most of us belong to. The moment you go to any high street and observe what is happening, you tend to have mercy for the world we live in. According to one of my old friend in an email he sent me recently, he says,

“…thanks to glossy P.R.. – people think because they shop constantly, that they are part of the middle classes. Fools, they have to workthose long hours to pay for the trash they have been buliied into believing they need, by advertising. Nobody needs 2 dozen pairs of shoes, 30 suits, or dresses - hanging in the wardrobe. People no longer rent - they have been taught to buy.There is scarcely any social housing. Thanks to clever marketing, the rich offload poor quality buildings, at inflated prices.It is a constant treadmill, just trying to keep your head above water.don't get caught in the trap

He is right. We just think we need them but we do not. We are only responding to the slavery of the manufacturers who control us through the adverts making use feel inferior by producing a new one every other day. Who add Bluetooth to one handset and mp3 to another. It is never complete. They add rags to our clothes and tear up the ones without rags. We need one to make the other complete. Yet, they never get complete. We tire with work, always asking for overtime, never getting satisfied with the wages. Every shoe need a separate shirt, every pant a separate belt. Our hairdo must fit our jewelleries, as well we need rings and necklaces to make out watches be noticed. Therefore, we must buy.

Slavery! We have become slaves of our own income. Slaves to our environment. Slaves to fashion and technology which never keep still Slaves to the government who tax us exorbitantly making us to work and work and work. It is slavery of the modern day. Check yourself, you are one of the Modern Slaves.

The signs: we move about plugged, an ipod on one ear, a phone on the other, laptop dangling in the bag, handheld popping in our pockets and then 2 or more phones. We struggle to keep up with ourselves even without the famous slave chains than link one to another. Instead, we are now individually chained to ourselves and movement is far more difficult than the chained slaves of the years gone. Modern Slavery!

You cannot escape it.

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