Friday, August 11, 2006

Let's Talk About GOD

Obviously, majority of us are born into inferiority complex. We are all born to accept what has been and is not to query some things. And thus, issues like God, worshipping, oracles, etc are accepted and some of us even fight to death for these things.

But who is this God? What makes God God? Why do we have to accept it the way it is said? Must we? Can we question the concept? Is the concept accurately perfect? Is the mysticism a one-size-fit-all?

Religion is the biggest source of trouble for human despising every other concept that seems to develop into equals. Religion slaves man, forcing us all into one eccentricity regardless of our personal difference. It is the downfall of man. And funny enough, it claims to lead us to God.

Now that’s what we want to talk about – God. Purely God away from religion. Just God in its pure form; although, it is only from my perspective.

Come with me.

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