Friday, August 18, 2006

GOD - Who Is He?

The problem is that no living or dead human knows who this God is. I say this because no priest has been able to give me or any other person a specific definition of God. Yet we all scamper about claiming to worship God or bid ‘his’ demands; pity.

Of course, by my own understanding, There is GOD. Now beware, I did not say there is A GOD’. And I have my own definition of God. It is entirely different from the established concept of a big man with long beard and various layers of clothings sitting (pointedly) in heaven(?), issuing orders and demanding human (and why human alone?) among all creatures to please him. That’s a big farce,

Religion’s illustration of God is purely incorrect, a deceit and as such creates the incoherent understanding that has retained man in the pit of chaos in a bid to determine whose God is the right one.

But they are all wrong. God is that great force beyond our knowledge that is behind all mysteries. To see him, find him, know him, etc, look at the stars, the cloud, the oceans, etc and ask yourself what’s the Power behind them. The Power (force) making the cloud to hang forever and never falling. That is God; it is the same Power that is beyond man’s understanding, the same Power science is trying to unravel. It is that Power that sends the breeze from where we do not know. It is that power that holds sway at the bottom of the oceans denying man the total knowledge. That, is, GOD.

Although I have used HIM to represent God, it in no way suggests a gender. No; he/she is everywhere and all over and genderless; rather he is just exactly a FORCE.


Anonymous said...

"God is that great force beyond our knowledge that is behind all mysteries".Perfectly said...x


Anonymous said...

God is who or what you want it to be, he/she exists in many forms. He/She is the light at the end of a dark tunnel, he is simply hope. I agree though, the interpretations of him/her are completely misconstrued. I hate to think he/she is as closed minded as they say he/she is.

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