Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GOD - Where Is He?

And now, the question is: if God is impersonalised as I stated here, where does he live or how does he exist? The answer is clear and straight forward. He lives no where.

This assures my belief that God isn’t actually as portrayed. He does not live in heaven above or in hell below (?). By the way, is hell below? Or is hell the next door to the supposed heaven? If it is located below (obviously below us), how did father Abraham see the wealthy sinner according to the Bible? I suppose the real answer is that hell is next door to heaven with a thin demarcation… think of priviledge.

On this issue of God and where he is located, I think for those that believe in the existence as a ‘him’ as a person, he lives in heaven; this I do not agree with. And such notion goes a long way to put a doubt on their belief that God is everywhere? Most as well tend, through their system of belief, to portray God as a service they reach out to when they need it. But for me and others who think God immaterial, he got no house. God lives with us. That force is constantly in motion generating energy. You can feel that force anytime and anywhere. It does not rest, holding the massive sky, working the sea currents, enlivening the trees, waking the birds etc. That force as well can be taken as the space. It fills everywhere and occupies us all.

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