Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Divided Anglican Church

St Paul's Cathedral, London
What most people don’t understand about the Anglican Church is that it is a divided church from its inception. It is very important that we do not forget the history of the church, especially how it came to be. Keeping that in mind will help us all overcome this threat of a split; it wont!

Though the present problem [the Church faces is] sexuality, the Anglican Church from inception has always gone through a rocky life. It was founded by King Henry VIII disobeying the Catholic Church on marriage. Thus a church founded on squabbles, had continued to live in squabbles and yet keep growing and remaining a key player in the events of modern day Christianity in the world.

Presently, the Anglican Church is not one church as the name suggests but a conglomerate of churches, all descendant from the great Church of England, hence the name Anglican Communion. It is a communion of churches; simply put.

Since Independence became the order of the day for the Empire, the Church of England has seen its work shredded in pieces as all its shoots from seeds planted across the world requested to be independent too. that led to establishments such as the Church of Nigeria (the most stubborn), the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A (the radical rascal), the Church of Canada, etc. These churches are all autonomous churches in their own right, making their laws and setting up their hierarchy though retaining the one tradition of the old C of E where suitable. Only style depicts these Churches as one; in system, you need no sorcerer to tell you the difference.

So when people argue that the Church will split, one cannot but laugh as there can be no newer split than the nature of the Union of these Churches itself. The Catholic Church is one and has one head whose word is final. But in the Anglican, the head (whether the Queen or the Archbishop) is just a figurehead representing more their unification rather than their oneness. By right of inheritance and succession, the English Monarch is the [present] head of the Church while the Archbishop of Canterbury, currently Dr. Rowan Williams is the Monarch's spiritual representative [in the Church] just like the Prime Minister is the political representative. But that is as much as the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth of (independent) nations.

So dear good hearts, worry not about the unity of the Anglican Communion or Church; they will get on with their difference as has always been so long as none is forced to do it like the other.That is what makes it a unique and prosperous Church.

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