Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I do not know what charter created the United Nations. And to be sincere, I no more wish to know because for whatever agreement it was, it is useless if it created the puppet organisation for a different thing than it is doing now as well as it is rubbish if what we have now is exactly what was set out to be established.

First, may I ask anyone to tell me if the UN is a United States of America’s arm of government or anything different? To me, the former is the case. Rightly, it (or is it SHE) should have been United States of America World Controlling Organisation.

Like the late Nigerian Musician, Fela asked in one of his tracks, “What is United in(side) United Nations? And he is right. A United Nations that is made of no united nations. Where Lebanon is fighting Israel, US (well the owners of UN) is trying to wipe off Iraq, Insisting Iran cannot produce what she has, Sudan is cleansing part of its ethnic groups, Oil companies from America is happily destroying parts of Niger Delta in Nigeria making huge profits among abject poverty, East Timor is up against itself; etc. where is the Unity? Where is the unity in a place where some are more equal than others? Where is the unity in an organisation that gives privilledge to some members to decide other members system and faith? Where for goodness sake is this Unity that accepts that only war in Iraq could remove Saddam knowing that the end consequence will be the sufferings of the common man?

Someone tell me, are they really United? If I were to be a president, my country will pool off from such rubbish waste of time as (un)United Nations. And to say of imcompetency, I think the present Secretary (and I refuse to add that General bit) of the UN is the most incompetent fella I have ever seen. Don’t even argue with me, the UN is today run by vampire Bush and his ilk. As for Tony Blair, it’s a pity, I never knew the very Britain I love can have such an ‘O yes’ member whose only ambition is to please Bush.

Since America exists, I think the UN is useless. The USA can purely run the world as it has been doing instead of wearing a mask as UN. We obviously are not in any way united and there is no unity in sight so to say. Britain need a Prime Minister again the likes of Churchill and Thatcher so she can take decisions like Germany and France is doing. As for the organisation called United Nations, it is a big shamble and unadulterated voodoo on the entire world.

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