Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Passion Series - My Friends

Over at MY LIFE BLOG, I just mentioned 4 of my most dearest friends in an article –Fluctuating Emotions. They are the very wonderful people who have been my main support since in England. I wish I can thank them enough.

Mark is English and an Anglican priest. I met him when I was looking for my own place the first time in 2004. being under duress from my friend I lived at his then, which was where I arrived to England at, I checked every possible advert that came my way – the way you do things when you need to create peace. When I met Mark, as a good person, he want to know who I am and why I have to move and all those sort of things real people who are not after your money alone will ask you, I answered him honestly. He was to offer me to check my email on his computer when I wanted to rush out to an internet cafĂ©. Being a real nice person, he left me in his sitting room for privacy while I did my mails. And when he came in to take some stuff and met me typing at high speed, he was fascinated and offered me there and then a place to function in a conference his office is organizing. That was the beginning of it all. Near to 2 years now, he has helped me in every way more than a blood brother will and still does. I have access to him any time I wish and he tries to help in every way he can.

Sammy: An Eritrean, I met Sammy online as usual. At 40, he looks much like a 25 year old and have a wonderful heart. Heart. He is one person that wont like to hear anyone cry regardless of who the person is. When you think the world is made up of people without feelings, Sammy is one of those that makes you think you were imagining things. He can let go of his last penny for another; friend, brother or stranger to have comfort. Having been friends with him for 2 years now, I cant but feel he is a brother to me. Always there for me if only I will say it. These days I prefer not to let him know so that he don’t get all worried because of me.

Milo: he is gorgeous 29 year old who is well read and still studying. In fact, Milo is my only personally known egghead. With a smile as appealing as a diamond cube, he can listen and proffer solution as hearty and concerned as only a saint can do. And he is one. Checks on me like a big brother with all kinds of petting name he can afford loaded with praises. I bet I would have been a spoilt kid if I had grown up in the same house with him. Knowing how much I hated the hot weather, he checked on me on every hot day even after buying a desk fan for me. What a friend I have in this pure white English brother. I think he is my second most loved English person after the Queen.

Andrew: I am typing this from Andrew’s flat. As it may sound, reader, you may be wondering which among these men is the best, but I tell you what, I too cant compare. Andrew can wake up in the dead of the night to my call. In fact, he goes haywire if I fail to tell him of a problem. These days he calls me to check how things stood and I bet he can do anything; only if I should ask. Today I am spending a night at his for the first time to get away for a minute from my room and he’s been all over me asking me time without number if I am alright; ‘yes I am!’. Did I hear you ask if I am shouting on him? None of your business, he doesn’t mind if I do.

Roger: Is one of those persons that makes you wonder what sort of tuft this earth is made of. Being friends since 2002, we have not met each other in persons since we live in different continents. But our communication has built and become something more than physical contacts can keep. Gifts from Virginia have flooded me in various modes including the T-shirt I am spotting on now. Last winter, I got a winter scarf and gloves from him which made me use both for the first time since I don’t use gloves nor scarf in winter ‘cos I love the cold. Roger has been a great friend indeed and as it is, he is an American of the Greek origin.

Ali: Have you heard people call others their mate? Well, this Dubai originating British born lad is my matey... So cool and endearing you could think we grew up in the same community. In religion, he is quite very strong as a muslim but very different from what various rascals have made of Islam. Think of the saying "Islam for peace", then you know Ali. We get along very well indeed regardless of me reading my Bible as he read his Qu'ran, it doesn't matter. Still living with his parents in East London and studying in UCL, his friendship is one that motivates and encourages especially as it reflects a good surprise of an Asian Muslim with an African Christian; if you understand what I meant - both extremists religious people. hehehe...
I do have many other friends and they have all been wonderful. From the ones who don’t check on me no matter how much I check on them to the ones who remembers me but cant call other network because they are on T-mobile (hahaha... poor fellas), to the ones who send only text messages and the ones who go as far as giving a call once in a while, I really cant enumerate. But friends are the real brothers and sisters our mum didn’t give birth to. I have them in quantum, some I have not even met in person.

All my friends has something in similar, they are a selected group who are wonderful and amazing, caring and feeling and even though they don’t understand me most times yet, the only thing that I wish all humans have: respect for others and self; I find in my friends.

God bless you all.


zaki said...

Love and friendship are both an enigma and a gift. They are at the same time priceless, yet worth there weight in gold. They are truly our own invisible treasure: intangible and immeasureable.

Dami said...

Its just so hard to imagine what the world'll be without friends!

Like they say, Friends are like flowers in the garden of life......

You've got a handful of great ones Godwin....

Anonymous said...

Friends are tiny gems glistening amongst a see of dead rock. Their priceless, beautiful, yet scarry (they know the real you and they've seen your vulnerable side.)

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