Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Passion Series - Human Integration

Being one that always wish for a world without inhibitions, demarcations, segregation or any of the boundaries that keeps us apart, I do get joy to see people come together forgetting their differences and forging ahead for a common goal. This is the reason I love London.

Although I dislike the World cup, (well, I love football 65%) because it takes the shine off every other things and starve issues of attention as every (or most) eyes turn to it. One of the things that makes me like and cherish the world cup is the level of integration seen on the fields. For countries like England, Switzerland, Germany, it is quite wonderful to see players made up of different colours. It is marvellous.

But accepting that as a fact, and praising politics for the achievements, it is a pity to note that human manners are yet to adapt without complaint. So while on the field of play racism seem a forgone issue, on our streets it still prowls. Yet we can agree that its level cannot be compared to what our parents and grand-parents had centuries ago.

It is this differences that has created a world of irregularities. A world of class based on anything possible. To me, people be able to go where they want without the entire huddle we put on their way?

Well, with the advanced countries altering the differences of nature and creating mixed societies, it is very enjoyable and portrays a free world. Yet, for whatever politics and democracy has put in place, human attitude need change to adapt to it; but that is quite a task. Only parents and child rearers can help. And as such I think it necessary to make kids know of different religions, colours, traditions, etc without prejudice and leave them to make their choice. At the end, tolerance will abound, acceptance will increase, peace will be more achievable. And we can move along forgetting our difference but fighting for those things that makes life good for us.

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