Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Passion Series - Disliking Self Righteous Clerics

The time is 09:12 hours (GMT+!), I am listening to BBC Radio 4 Sunday paper review. The presenter read out a very interesting information from The Times (I suppose) that the Bishop of London, (my Diocesan Bishop of course) has declared flying on holiday and owning a ‘big’ car SINFUL. I can’t stop laughing.

Now this is serious in a spiritual sense of view. Accept it or not, this is one of the things that make me wonder what these clerics take themselves for. And talking of clerics, I mean across religion. This sect’s holy regard of their mortal self is one of the problems seriously destroying the world.

For whatever reason, the bishop (or little god as he might feel) has no spiritual (as I suppose that’s what he thinks) or moral right to declare such choice sinful. Moral advice; yes, but outright judgement NO. By the way, if God feels his product (the world) is not ok, He can repair it or HE cares less. And that makes me ask if these little gods in the religious houses even believe in the God they preach. The Bishop went on a sea voyage in an expensive ship during the 2006 lent/Easter season whereas some members of his diocese cannot afford average good living. Was that good moral example or very righteous to do?

My opinion is that the Bishop or whoever can advice to reduce these activities but not to declare people sinners for buying a car. Someone remind him that eating can also be sin among every other thing; so say Proverbs in the Bible.


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zaki said...

Perhaps your bishop is simply upset with the fact that people are spending money on themselves and not giving it to him. The greed of the clerics preceeds the need of the flock.

The serious sin here is the abuse of power committed by the ecclesiastical authority. Thanks for your public censure.

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