Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well Done Episcopal Church of the USA

The American Anglican church, better known as the Episcopal Church wouldn’t have been a surprprise to the worldwide Anglican Church have the general church noted from beginning when it took up its own name while remaining an Anglican church. But today, the signs are visual and the 2nd oldest church in the world is crying and weeping… not really.

The Episcopal Church to me, the real church. Being the first to ordained women priests, it also became the first to consecrate a gay bishop and not just ending it there, it has scored another marvellous point becoming the first branch of the Anglican Church to elect a woman primate; excellent!

Akinola, my country’s (Nigeria) primate once again is bleeding having not recovered from the consecration of the gay bishop in 2003. Akinola has led what his fellow righteous sect has dubbed a good opposition or leadership. I doubt that. Funny enough, and against the teaching of Christ himself, Akinola has claimed these steps by the Episcopal Church is against Christ teaching. That is a blatant lie and an impersonation of the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible didn’t show us anywhere how that Jesus was against gay or homosexuality or woman-leadership. Being God as we are told, he didn’t touch that issue even though he (must have known) knows it was there in the old laws just as he didn’t touch so many other of them which the likes of Akinola has passed into law, i.e. eating of pork, wearing of different materials, etc.

Rather, Jesus partially willed the church to be to Mary Magdalene as the second(Matthew 26 vs 13). Correctly, Christ willed the church to Peter, as the one to build the church (Matthew 16 vs18), while Mary he said her name must be mentioned wherever his gospel is preached. Thus summarising that the two will be in charge. But today, Akinola and his ilk’s have stood against tolerant reasoning which God has used to keep the world under his control from time immemorial. I doubt his and his ilk’s righteousness.

Well done Episcopal! You have done it again showing us the freedom that the creator made his world for. St. Peter, who was appointed leader of the unborn church and charged to build it, never stood against homosexuality or women leadership, rather he was de-racialised by being shown a dream in which he was commanded to ‘Kill and Eat’ (Acts 10 vs 13 – 16) and sent to induct a ‘gentile’, Cornelius (Acts 10) into the church. But the likes of Akinola who are confusing poor Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and putting him under high pressure, are not agreeing to the foundation laid of Peter by the preparations God gave him for setting up the church. I love the Episcopal Church.

Thirty years ago, the Episcopal Church also met a hard opposition from African Churches, the righteous sect, when women were ordained priests, but today, women priests have contributed immensely to the church and Akinola and his types do attend meetings, eat and drink and hug female priests without any grudges. Same will be in the years to come when The Nigeria Anglican Communion will accept and be brethren to gay clergies, women primates and all. I think the Episcopal church is the one carrying out the will of God for mankind, of peace, tolerance, accommodation, and respect for all.

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