Friday, June 09, 2006

My Passion Series - London Buses

For those who have seen my phone handsets at many a times, the question remains same: why a bus? Now I will tell you why.

In England, we murmur and complaining to a point, some now tag is a real British/English lifestyle. But that’s not far from the truth.

So why everyone has always found a reason to complain and therefore not praise the London buses, I have rather found them fantastic and up to a level to be one of the things I like and am grateful for in London. Of course the truth is that we pay so much, in fact through the nostril (on this issue) for the services, but I am happy paying high for a service so long as it gives quality than paying and not seeing it at work. For experience in such, go and live in my country, Nigeria.

Well, back to issue; I do like the London buses. It has been my major means of exploiting the huge city since I can’t really afford the London underground that frequently. The drivers of this massive mainly double-decker buses and some little ones are usually incredible. They can act as guard; they can be your helper. With London buses’ drivers, you are more than safe to move about in the city without fear of getting lost. You only need to ask. Talk of patience, they wear it clothes, talk of attention, they pay overdue in their quota. Respect and peaceful, they are wonderful.

The massive chains of buses in London are very helpful to Londoners regardless of how we refuse to accept. Journeys on them can be slow but you can see how much time to spend just to make most of us feel, cared for and regarded; loading wheelchairs, buggies, shopping, etc. they rarely blare their horns. And distinguishingly, these red buses are driven by people of all races, religion, colours, etc.

For those behind the curtain staff, mapping out the routes and making all the logistics work, bravo to you too. You are all fantastic and if I am allowed, I will like to serve London Transport in any capacity just to show my love of their work.

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