Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My BirthDay Wish List

I should have put this up on the 26th of June which is exactly 1 month to the day, but I have been in a very bad mood since last Saturday morning.. But now, having written this sometime ago, I just stumbled on it as I try to ransack the hard disk for somewhere to backup some from a second hard disk I’m putting in order.

It’s my 27th birthday on 26th July, for those who would want to, I love being wished a happy birthday just to show that you care. I also think its better I put up a list here for things I need should anyone feel wealthy enough to buy me stuff; all my friends are wealthy though.

Birthday Wish List:
  • Ticket to last night of BBC Prom (the best thing you can give me now)

  • Tickets to BBC Prom at Royal Albert Hall. Ask me for date please

  • A Pentium 4 (or higher) wireless notebook.

  • A nice portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

  • An offer to pay off my credit card (dont panic, it isn’t much)

  • A new bicycle

  • A complete set of Handel Samson CD

  • A complete set of Handel Egypt CD

  • Complete works of Beethoven on CD

  • Complete works of Mozart on CD

  • Complete works of Johan Bach on CD

  • CDs of Hymns and Anglican Chants. (Psalms and others)

  • Assorted bandanas

  • Current version of Encyclopaedia Britannica

You can buy any other thing you may wish but these are priorities and will be appreciated

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