Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Passion Series - Trafalgar Square

London is diverse. It is cosmopolitan. Its is mixed. All that is true and they are what makes it buff. Secondly, these make me love London. But London is too big: from Heathrow to Hornchurch, from Watford to Wimbledon. It is a massive city that you find yourself travelling only with the comfort that it still is London. So what do we do?

For me, I have my favourite spot in London. It is a junction point, a portrait of the varieties of the world and its human race. Looked over by a warrior himself, sanctified by an apostle in the field, the walls of the collection of the past defending it, Trafalgar Square is my special spot in this over expanded city. Its fountains cool down rising temperature, its seats remind my bum of the tough world.

Since I arrived London in 2004, I have come to admire and love Trafalgar Square so much. Reason being that in her, I see the completeness of the cosmopolitan London. People of all nations, race, colour, creed, political affiliation, class, age, etc. I love sitting down in the Square, reading or just looking out. And you know what? I feel like sitting (with God) and looking over the world. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. Because I can see everything that represent human. Beggars and Givers alike, poor and rich. Big and Small, black and white. Americans and Asians, Bangladeshis and Brazilians. Mixed married couples, colour mixed people. It is a fabulous place to be in.

When I feel low, when I feel separated, when I think I have no reach to the world, Trafalgar Square is the place to go communicate with the world. And sitting there I feel good when the wind blows the vapour of the beautiful fountain in the midst upon me on a hot summer day. It feels like being at the spring of life. Trafalgar Square is a gathering of the commotion of peace. It breathes love. It portrays commonality. It shows courage, it encourages acceptance. It is the epitome of the variety of mankind. In it, I think of the tower of Babel of an opposite purpose. The statue of Lord Nelson reaching out into the sky but not to challenge God - though I don’t believe that God lives in the sky or beyond it (see my thought on God in few days to come). The houses of parliament with the great old Big Ben directly in view farther a bit from the sit of political power on Dawning Street just off Whitehall. The gates to the Mall, leading to the palace of her majesty; (now you can imagine why I feel good being in this cosmopolitan square). It is a complete assembling point of my many passions.

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