Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Passion Series - London

London; a city with many faces, wide as a country, fast as a swallow; its traffic indifferent from appearance, its roads of no particular size. It is an entire mass of amazement that over time has come to gather on a small patch of land making it choke with so much body contacts that sets off hilarious madness.

Actually, the above did not still define this wonderful city. Why did I like it actually? What makes if buff? Where lays its magic? Is London really as special as it appears or a slum with a diamond surface? There are so many questions to ask, dear reader. But we can’t finish it because again, it is a baggage of unusualness that can raise unending curiosity.

My love for London is mainly because it is very indefinable. It is a city of no mapped pattern. A city where freedom is free, welcome is to all. It opens its bowels and takes in whatever that seeks sanctuary. The uniqueness of London lies in its contents. Every language spoken under the sun; and even in mars, is found here. To me, London is the world’s parliament house.

On its street walks people minding their own business but having 2 seconds to spare for a very strange and unusual smile. You have to learn the London smile though. Yet regardless of the “You’re-On-Your-Own” lifestyle, you are never fully alone. There are available answers should you ask for directions. Yet, London lacks community.

This is a city where your next door neighbour never gets to know you nor care to. It is a city where you are always new in your neighbourhood. It is a city where regardless of all that, a stranger can give you 20p to complete your tube fare when you seem perturbed in front of the ticket machines. And adversely, it is also a city where you can die in your room and your housemates won’t notice. It is full of contrasts as much as similarities. I love London just for this lack of routine.

I love London; I love her because she is very unusual. I love her because she is kind and harsh. I love her because she is a mother and a hag. I love London because she is a significant unity of the world yet shows how much segregation can slow down the world.

There are sections for everything, from gay pubs to black restaurants, Asian corner shops to young peoples’ advice line, asylum seekers associations to foreign prisoners, list 99, right wingers, Tories, you name it. You are either in one or the other. Yet, whatever you are or believe in, you are never alone or lonely.

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