Monday, May 29, 2006

Global Warming, Who's innocent?

While looking out over the city of Manchester from the 5th floor room that I stayed part of my break t about 2am, something about global warming arose in my mind and seems to jump out at me from the city scene before me that morning. The glowing lights taking over the mountainous scene of the western Manchester show exactly how much the world is on fire.

But looking at that sight that night, I asked myself some questions; who are those generating those light over this city? Is there any anti-global warming promoter among the millions of people who these electric bulbs are glowing from their home, office, etc? Are these glowing lights necessary for the night? Do they have any advantage(s) or is it only disadvantages; of global warming of course? And even at that, do we actually need them? In fact, so many questions are there to ask.

So while I take in this sight of the burning earth before me, I thought we are not being fair to ourselves; the burners and the anti-burners. Yes we are.

Electricity, which obviously isn’t the only ice-breaking factor, contributes a good chunk to the global warming and we all tend to be using it. Where people are not, they are clamouring to have it or we call them under-developed. What I thought about was how difficult it was to use the roads, whether in the city or villages without light? Or is it easy?

Having experienced both scenarios myself, i accepted that the present situation is actually inevitable if we must get near to confident. Back in my ‘under-developed country, the lights go out sometimes and you can tell the difference walking or taxiing home under such dark atmosphere. And this is in the cities, but you could smell the villages where there is no electric light at all. With such situation, I appreciate so much the advantage of electricity and know that they have become quite irreplaceable.

On the other hand, anti-global warming activities should involve us all through minimizing our usage to the barest needful level. Yet in all, all this protest and anti-protest ate not called for as we need these things to refer the world as developed or modernizing. Those who stand against them should imagine themselves living in the 16th centuries and compare it to now. Those who burn the world (if any?) also should think of such times gone when people survived without these materials.

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