Monday, May 22, 2006


When in 2004, Dan Brown published his blockbuster book Da Vinci Code, bookworms and book-atheist all went whoa! And our sight was blurred with the copy of the top chart novel all over the place. It was in every hand; in the train, in the bus, in aeroplanes, offices, and even in noisy Bricklane market, traders read it. But I didn’t.

As the days went by and Da Vinci Code kept leaping beyond the sky, the challenge boosted. It was while I listened to my lovely BBC TV that I heard how that the church clergies are against it. Really? Why? Then began my curiosity. I have to know; and thus I went looking for this forbidden fruit. And luckily for me, my lovely Tesco was offering it at a far too reduced price. The rest, reader, is story.

It was a wonderful intelligence put to paper. I read it non-stop and even got converts who it became their first book… hehe. But you know what? I am a Christian. And funny enough, I didn’t find anything discriminating nor implicating, castigating or defamatory, neither destructive nor whatsoever in the nice piece of work. To me, it was fiction at its peak, though I have my reservations, yet nothing concrete to think the book is against the church or God.

Well, I couldn’t wait to watch the movie when I heard it will be made into one. And trust me I saw it 2 days after it was in the cinema. It’s gorgeous though not equal to what I read in the book (never mind that, book readers never think a book can be completely acted out). On the Sunday prior to its release, my vicar mentioned it in his sermon. Oh dear! What trouble is it with this book? Rowan Williams talked about it in his Easter day address in Christ Church, Canterbury, and a lot more of them priests. But whatever makes them think they have the exclusive right to determine what is right or wrong? I think they are going beyond their priestly duty to meddle into people’s social and occupational life.

What I saw is that there is fear among these sect; the priests. And it makes me wonder; are we (church members) really on the same path with our priests? Are they really taking us to where we are told or do they have a hidden destination? Do they belong only to the physical church or have they got stakes in occultism? In fact, there is more than meets the eye in their defence of the Bible, of Jesus Christ, of God and all of this business.

The attack on Da Vinci Code by the clergy appear to me like a fear to threat. I believe in God, but I don’t believe I should fight for God. This is because the God I believe in is one that is powerful and capable of fighting for himself. Let me ask us a question; do you think that I should be buying clothes for Bill Gates if I really accept that he is as rich as said? If no, why then should I fight for a God that I think is powerful than me?

If the church is owned and set up by and for God, it will survive any attack. This issue of Da Vinci Code looks to me like the whole rancour of sexuality threatening the Anglican Church. The righteous primate of Nigeria and his co-angels have even taken enmity (what else can it be) with churches in America while they eat pork, snail, and never declare themselves unholy for any day against all that is written in the book of Numbers in the Bible. But looking at that glaringly, you can agree with me, they attack sexuality like people who has stuff to hide. I bet you they do.

Well, having observed all this, I think Da Vinci Code and any other suspected enemies are only being glorified by the defences from the church. Today, the book as well as the film draws more attention due to the fame the church has granted it. But, I also think, with the style of attack I have seen from the priesthood quarters, it is time the priests take an oath to declare their exemption from high cultic powers because they act like it most times.

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