Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Passion Series - Tesco, M&S, others

Since living in the UK, few businesses have attracted me due to their nature, style of operation and reputation. These businesses have endeared me so much that I tend to take them as epitome of good entrepreneurship. Excellent in their appearance, they were mainly started out of good focus and a sense of struggle. Today, they stand as colossuses over the nations and have become household names.

TESCO: I do like the colour blue especially when it is in a dark shed. So when on my way from Heathrow airport coming into London on my first arrival I saw Tesco, I have never stopped being curious of what makes it thick. In a twinkle, I learnt it is the biggest chain supermarket store. I fell in love straight away with it. To say, it also become my goal to work for Tesco although I never get to doing that. But you can guess, I do 98% of my shopping at Tesco. Its staff is very friendly, and knowledgeable about the business. Stop any one of them in the store and request for any item, they can tell you straight away which aisle to find it or even take you there and pick it up. So far, Tesco’s customer service is the best I have seen among the super markets. Without ending it there, the price of goods are worth the quality. Agreed that you get some things cheaper in some other supermarkets, yet, their quality can never be justified. Think I’m biased? Check them stores yourself. And Tesco Clubcard? You bet me, its useful even though it keeps you buying more, but sure, you wont be a fool to buy things you don’t need.

MARKS&SPENCER: I like M&S too. Not particularly the colours, although it’s a beautiful colour, but I simply like her because it is a fruit of entrepreneurship. M&S also looks very simple too. And a more inclusive reason is that I really don’t know what M&S is; a supermarket or fashion store? You tell me please. But it has a decent appearance.

VIRGIN; is really worth admiring. From the powerful aim of one man, a conglomerate has been built that today provides one duty or another in various forms to almost all of us in the UK and beyond. With its royal red and simple logo, Virgin obviously has earned itself a place in human living and in a modest way. Modest in the sense that a young man struggled and weaved a mighty net catching uncountable number of fishes. Virgin is absolutelyadmirable.
Well, others include HSBC, Barclays, Vodafone (of course), and some Charity organizatons. Mind you, these are my personal opinion and are formed solely from my reasons. Your comment/s is/are welcomed.

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