Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Passion Series - The Queen (2)

Well, I have stated how much I do admire Her Majesty, the Queen. Now watching a BBC program on BBC 1 TV, I was to see again from another perspective, the child, the girl, and the young wife turned ruler.

In 1947, she made a statement that till today she has kept to. That was down in South Africa. The statement that she pledge her life to the empire, was a great and very incriminating one, but she has kept to it. She has shown tenacity in approaches to life even when she refused to attend the registry marriage of her son and the new Duchess which touched on her view of divorce..

The lady could be said to have been designated for this role in life. Relating from her background, it was fate that brought her into the line of monarchy. When in 1936, King Edward abdicated the throne, providence not only did a swift spin, her future seems to had done a right-about-turn; yet the speed that followed her being enthroned was rather unexpected. The death of her father at a very young age of 56 thereby capturing her for the grand saddle she has controlled this 54 years to this day.

The queen cannot be denied being a wise person. Compared to her sister, the gorgeous Princess Margaret, one cannot but see the homeliness of Elizabeth. Becoming a celebrity by virtue of her position, she has been very moderate, sensible and cautious especially in dealing with sensitive political or other issues.

Queen Elizabeth has done well also, comparing how rapidly the world has changed in the last 5 decades. It is marvellous how she has gone on with the changing times but not doing away with her principle.

Talking of principle, and watching her coronation, the precision of its spiritual implication spell out how much separated she becomes and how cautious she must be especially with words. Elizabeth was not only enthroned queen of the British Empire, but she was consecrated unto God. And onto that she has portrayed so much dedication. Most people forget that she is not just a queen, but the leader of a church.

Queen Elizabeth II has seen the invention of the TV, the overtaking of the world by the computer, the cellular, the GSM and of course, haven’t we all watched her use an Ipod? For majority of us, she is the only monarch we ‘ve known. Tony Blair was born; he went to schools, entered politics, all in her time. So talking to the young man Tony, the queen can easily make his head swindle by going back to the sessions she held with Winston Churchill in the 50s.

Long live our noble queen

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