Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Male Body

The world began sometime ago when no man can actually fathom out. Through the various generations it has come through, cultures, styles, activities, etc have changed with and moved on along with it. And so, without argument or disagreement, we can see the vivid differences between the 1900s and the 2000s.

Well, one of the very big differences that today are facing us uncomprehendingly is the discovery by the male folks of the magnificence of its body. Without going beyond the foreseeable past, it is very unarguable that between the past century and the present, no time has been when the male body has been paraded like the present, even more than the female folk who has always had that exclusive right.

Observing our time, I have come to marvel at this exposure. My attention is drawn really due to what I have noticed that is a trend. Foremost among the various means of exposure is the style of leaving the trouser below the hips or even beneath the bum. With this particular style, the male folk have declared its romantic shapeliness and sexual weaponry.

Another is the use of jewelleries, which today seem to be in competition between the sexes. Necklaces, watches, ear-studs, rings, and braces are now fashion enhancement object not left to the assumed rightful owners; women. Men also have taken to real general body exposure. The 6 pack is one of men’s instruments of beauty it has used to create a centre of attention. One is no more surprised to see the image of a near-nude male on the TV, the Internet, glossy magazines, etc. In fact, the disagreement of many, especially religions, over the exposure of the female body has led to the male counterpart making a good use of the opportunity to advantage. And thus we now see the glory and splendour of the male body.

Many other tools are being employed: tattoos, hair-styles, muscles, clothing styles, etc. Time has gone when it was women clothes that takes the main display spaces of boutiques; even men under-wears are not left out; far to the point of designs, etc.

But come to think of it, is the male body not really admirable? Is it not good to behold? Have men no right to take care of their body to attractiveness? I do not ask these questions because anybody has stood against it, but to underline the very pride and excellence that has been neglected in the past.

Exposure of men’s body existed and has been in the past along all the age, but the level of its declaration is now at a more meaningful, romantic/sexual and grateful expression. And thus human, in this age, has seen more of the beauty of nature, the glory of God’s design in the male body.

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