Sunday, April 30, 2006

GayRomeo; Done It Again(

Sometime ago, I did mention GayRomeo here, a gay website based in Germany and its various niceties and usefulness as one of the most friendly and accommodating platform for gay men. Though that was seen as well written, yet I must tell you that the goodies on GayRomeo were not totally catalogued in that writing, yet it never stopped coming.

Before I proceed, may I inform you reader, and congratulate the team at GayRomeo, of the introduction of the French and Spanish version of the website. It is a wonderful feat to achieve for a team as few and very informal as you compared to the other big websites who are making fortunes out of gay people. Bravo!

Well, like I have said above, the goodies seems to gush out like from a spring. For those of you who have visited GayRomeo since reading of it from here, and many who has taken the advantage to register and use it as well, I bet you must have seen the newest on the block; the profile design alternatives.

That means guys, that you can now choose from a vast variety of design to put your profile on giving it a more artistic touch to fit your person. These designs are wonderful in the sense that while those we have seen before on other gay websites were only based on colour changing, GayRomeo’s incorporated both colour and design ranging from stuff like African ethnic, Army, Bears, Construction, Fire plumes, Notepad, Wood, etc; just to mention a few. In all, there are 41 gorgeous designs to choose from and whenever; yet, more to come.

So now guys, if you were not a blue peter, you got a choice now and can toy with it. These designs are also very easy to deactivate would you want to go back to the root. So much good naturedness are these GayRomeo guys too that they made this available to even guest users; what a kind hearted fellas.

I reckon by now, you have no reason to think twice of using this cool website. Blue actually represent cool, but then GayRomeo do recognize the fact that some of you are blazing red hot, others soldiers, builders, bears, etc. whatever you are, there is a design for you among these 41 wonderful cute handiwork. You can even change to different one every time you need. I bet one for a week is almost different design for each week of the year… heheheee

Now give it a try, it can add to your attractiveness…. hehehee.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love to meet good lady that will love me perfectly

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