Sunday, March 12, 2006

A New Phase

So, one is never spared. Because life is much more unpredictable than the weather. And as well, life deciphers its own course, no matter how much one tries.

I have always had it on the very lid of my thinking that I will die any day, any time, old or young, rich or poor. But when and how that will come through, I have no inkling. Secondly, that the course can start from anything or any time, same I have not given note to. But hold on, what is life?

Worries aren’t really part of me, though I have seen myself so disturbed in the past 2 years than I have done all my life apart from the special 6 weeks succeeding my mum demise in July1996. Worries have come in all shapes and form, but mainly by very great magnitude that I have no option than succumb to it. Yet in it all, I have cast no mind to submitting unto the thoughts that arise therein. But in the past few weeks, I have reached my peak and then I realised that I can no more worry except for one thing.

Since I have decided not to fret, I have been able to handle my situation with utmost strength and life has moved on. Today, a writing in the centre page of my church service sheet says: “…Anxiety is spending emotional energy on something we can do NOTHING about… like tomorrow!”

And that is truth. So in the light of that, I will keep my peace, build a new me and face my life the way it has come to. Do not ask me what. But it’s a new me now, it’s a new phase beginning. Time to be filled with joy, happiness, love, etc. I am sorry and apologize for any that I have offended, pardon please. If you speak to me now, its ok, but I am probably in the decline now. I am happy I decided to write MY PASSIONS’ SERIES before now. I will take that up and finish it in time but like I said in it, “Come on with me”.

The day is near, the time is at hand, and no one knows when it will be. In all still, I am not hopeless; cos I know that no matter what it be or take, my life will be fulfilled as it has been planned before its foundation.

So cheer up. It remains ONE more worry to get out of my way and the rest will be smooth sailing. I will still worry for bills, but I trust God will see me through to paying them as has always been. I need not so much money, just some to get by because life is vanity and I have always known

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