Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Passion Series

“Things can only get better”, a particular comedy journalist in my country always writes.

Of late I have been thinking I should put down to note my passions, ranging from institutions I mad about to persons I admire and adore. So in the next days to come, you are welcome on board with me to explore this aspect of my life which is going to be very explicit, non-diplomatic, deep and assuredly, madly crazy.

One funny thing but surprising to me is that people always ask me ‘why’ in astonishment when they find out the things I tend to admire. I will accept that most are really out of place, old, opposite; but then I do not see why one don’t have to love these things. And why it should always be the present day ‘invented’ stars.

Anyway, that said, the journey begins now to say those very unusual and usual things. It will cover my admiration of the British monarch to anything British and onto my passion for one of the super-monster supermarkets, Tesco, London itself, and a part of it I am very much in love with – Trafalgar Square, etc.

Well, by the completion of this series, you would have ridden a long tide with me and sure, you will know what to tell me when you tell me and why you tell me.

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