Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Passion Series - Britain/British

Since I was born, I have loved Britain and anything British. The reason is just one and many. First is that I have always seen the British system as one that is not con in nature. Statistical rating seems to be that the average British think one has to earn anything he has. And the second (many) reason is just because it is British.

On the first, I came to that conclusion because I cannot compare the American or any other system to the British. They believe in “oiling” the wheels, gifts, tips, “dashes”, etc. whereas my Loveland don’t think nor support such, hence it is a society of pennies and shillings.

The second-many reasons I like Britain and British, are uncountable. From their colour to their speaking, their drab simple dressing and their climate; their monarch and the whole system that is British. Yet there things I dislike about the British. I will tell you.

They are very snobbery. They feel superior instead of boisterous, neither of which is good though. They think the world ended at the English Channels. They think English is the only language in the world. They have the worst traditional food I have every heard of, but surprise, I like the English breakfast of baked beans, eggs, etc, without sausages of course. Yet, those are about all I dislike British for, but love them for so many things.

The monarch? Let’s talk about that on a stand alone subject. Have I told you the Queen is my best living person? Well, Read about that on my next diary.

So when it was time to leave my country and see the outer world, having refused all other opportunities to go every other place, Britain was the place. I love it here; I am relaxed and happy, no matter what it has been since I arrived. The climate is my best love; I wish the summer go round the year. When and wherever I die, I will wish to be cremated and the ashes spread on the English Channel. But that’s for the living to decide anyway.

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