Friday, March 03, 2006

Condemming Nigerians:

While I was surfing blogs on the blogspot website on Thursday, I came upon a particular blog ( which is very informative and quite intuitive on the money laundering crime by some Nigerians commonly known as 419.

I do appreciate the blogger who is keeping that record but I do not accept his header which says not to do business with any Nigerian online. This is because such statement is very much over-exaggerated and quite out of regard for Nigerians like me. Some sensible commentators on that blog has said so too.

Agreed that this crime exist in Nigeria, I do not think it is something any sensible person will make such sweeping statement condemning millions of people for the sins of some. It is absolutely appalling.

The Nigeria state has fought money laundering from the onset; but just as it is difficult for the United States to stop terrorism, so has it been for the unfortunate country. As every human being should know, the law only fights what it knows but criminals keep inventing new ones every minute. Think of robbers carting away millions of pounds 9 days ago in one of Britain’s secured money stores; think of the many frauds that steal one’s details in UK via fraudulent phone calls, mails, etc We fight what we know, and what we don’t know, we wait to fight.

For many who have read that blog and others who are going to read it after this, Nigeria is not where evils have been dumped from heaven though she has got more than a fair share of criminals and we innocent Nigerians are fighting tooth and nail to see it stamped out. Thus its no reason anyone, Nigerian or foreigner can tag all Nigerians criminals whether online or in physical business.

I do quite a handful of online transactions –both buying and selling - and so many Nigerians do too, and we have cheated nor defrauded none. So why do we get labelled so by this faceless blogger who even don’t show his profile if he isn’t a fraud himself? I do not care much about it, knowing that Nigeria has got high level of money laundering criminals, yet it exists in other countries too. So don’t get carried away watching out for Nigerians alone as you may be hit from other sides too…

Good day.

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STAG said...

Absolutely right. Nigerians do NOT have a lock on fraud. Serbia, the Ukraine, Russia, Ivory Coast, and South West Africa and Quebec have all had residents who at one time or another have attempted to defraud me.

I do not feel sorry for the guy who is willing to break the law in order to get a big pay off. The fellow who is willing to claim kinship of some dead individual deserves to lose. Breaking the law, for money, is reprehensible.

I have never succeeded in ever selling anything to a Nigerian consignee. Credit cards which have proved to be bogus or stolen, cashiers cheques which are false documents, and false addresses seem to be the rule. Five big orders in five weeks. All fraudulent.
The exact same story with orders from the Ukraine. Amsterdam, and the UK (though an ISP search showed that the mail which supposedly originated in London actually originated in Lagos....oh well! Batting zero for 12 can make even the most optimistic businessman think that the only Nigerian who is on the internet is a fraud artist! And we know that just isn't so! There is you for instance!!!

So, I am quite happy to continue to take orders from Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Quebec! As you said yourself, only a few criminals have blackened the name of a whole nation! However, as in all international transactions, I follow some simple banking rules which any real businessman should follow.

So, for me it is not a race issue, or a nationality issue, or even a morality issue. It is simply a fact that a few families who have managed to defraud a LOT of stupids in Europe and North America have managed to destroy the confidence that a great nation like Nigeria needs to grow and prosper.

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