Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who's Terrorising Who???

Watching the news today with the wickedness of American soldiers in Iraq once again revealed, one wonders if the US is fighting terrorism or is a terrorist-country.

The pictures are really horrifying and very disappointing. It shows how much in most humans there is that gene of terror apart from those taking it out physically. These soldiers seem to be saying, terrorism can also be achieved hiding under the flag of great hallucinated attempts like the saving-Iraq-from-Saddam sham thrown on the world by President Bush and Tony Blair.

Agreed that these terrorists seem to flow from the middle-eastern countries, it is appalling that those who have confused the whole world on how much a messiah they are have turned to be the terrors themselves. America should be so much ashamed of herself and her military ambassadors in these countries. The soldiers whom only governments have praised to be doing great jobs in Iraq, are rather laughing it off doing their own rather resentful behind-the-curtains acts and calling the world a fool to believe them. It is horrendous and indeed very atrocious.

With bits and pieces of information emanating by the days and months, we can no longer be deceived on how much this isn’t an American State attempt to save the world but a Bush’ personal agenda which only God knows what motives he has behind it. Taking account, on how developments have gone, you can agree with me that this is Bush’s war and Bush’s soldiers at work. Former US secretary of state, Colin Powell has recently been vomiting the truth about his lies which he, day by day in 2002/2003 blanketed the world with at the UN Security forums. Soldiers’ abuses haven’t been helpful either.

Well, they claim to be God’s own country; we only pray God save us from them too sorry to Iraq and all other victims of righteous wickedness. If only you can stop destroying yourselves, then you can reproof your ‘helpful’ enemy and reclaim your rights to life.

God bless Iraq and its entire people and save the world from wicked messiahs.

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