Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reflections and thoughts

Still on the things I gave a thought in the last month…

I think my country Nigeria should be prosecuted for incapacity benefit. Yes, that is very needful. I can tell you my reason and I’m sure you will understand how right I am. For a country with as much riches in oil, human resources, and thugs as she is, why would it be owing such amount of debt to the international community and seeking debt relief. That is cheating to the countries that are working hard and earning their living by pragmatism, shrewdness or intellectual cleverness. Nigeria should not be forgiven any debt nor should it receive any grant whatever from the UN, IMF or countries like Britain and the US.

Another issue is LibDem, (Liberal Democrat, one of the political parties in the UK for those outsiders reading this blog). In the past month, LibDems has made a lot of mess than it could handle. From the point they mounted the pressure on calm reformed alcoholic Charles Kennedy to resign, I sensed they were heading to real confusion. Well, in the beginning, it wasn’t a big problem, but the moment Mr Kennedy confessed his sins – I think that was a new year resolution - those back plotters took on him and wanted him to, then I knew there was a waiting confusion hole they all wanted to jump down into. Anyway, we have seen it all. At the moment, I think LibDem should resign from being a political party. If they take the stance of housewives – unfortunately, they are mainly men; bad repute – that will be better.

David Blunkett;s name once again flashed up in the media. Well, not for great elongating matter but just reference to the DNA Company and that stuff. I like him so much, in fact I admire him as a person. That regardless of his disability, he reached the level he did in government. But then I think he has made a lot of news and served enough as minister in the home front that his name is now sticky in the media’s mouth. In that light, I will suggest that his next political post should be something like foreign minister so he get to do most of his job out there or in his office with other countries.

Sven Errikson (or whatever it’s the right spelling of his names) was in the news again poor boy. Again, it’s the media. Who else will it be if not those trouble makers. This time they followed the English football manager out of the country to dig his problems out. Well, that’s no bother to me wherever they dug it out from. My only concern is that the poor man was so baffled that one of his comment is that he is fed up reading about himself; poor man. I think these journalists or whatever they are, should give him the opportunity of writing his own autobiography. I think that’s all he seems to want ‘cos he knows how much he can earn from the publishing instead of putting it in debris from Daily Mail to the Telegraph to the Sun and of course the almighty NEWS OF THE WORLD. Sorry Sven boy.

Now Hamas did not only become a political party in a twinkling of an eye but they won the elections without battling an eye. Oh my!!! That was good success but then I think they are better off a terrorist group than a political party. All the same, they‘ve won the elections so lets hope the chance and challenge will transform them. Another concern is the high blood pressure and fear they are causing Mr. Bush of America.

And talking of George junior, he seem to be a part-time president now while muscular Rice do the other part of the job. If he isn’t interested again in general governance, he can step down for Rice to take over. And as for giving up for Rice, he can become Minister for terrorism, War and Middle East affairs. Seems he enjoy threatening those stubborn countries out there. That’s why he forgot to take proper action for New Orleans, a big shame on the USA. Or what do you think??? Heheehee, well done Mr. Bush.

OK, too much politics, but what else do we talk or is news if not politics. I watched Saddam Hussein with interest as he issue orders to the judge and even reminded him that he was his president for whatever number of years he said. Makes me laugh. Of course (and I think he still is), but can someone tell him that things do pass and that no condition is permanent. But tell me what, I like his guts and he’s got them as I like. Brave weak man.

Well, my heart goes out to the family of Norman Kemba. Its really a pity that people choose to fight those who fight for them. In my original language, this is refered to as a person biting the fingers that put food in his mouth. It’s a poor manner. Terrorists in Iraq and many other places are rather taking bad advantages. People like Mr. Kemba who in his old age has left the comfort that his country can afford to provide for the poor is held and suffering for his kind nature, no wonder help and pity is now alien to our human generation. God preserve and help him and all in his situation.

Talking about hostages, the behaviour is rising in my own beloved country. It’s not a pity alone in this case but also a shame to me and many that such things should happen. While in the middle east the victims are there to help and got their fingers burnt, I think that though these oil experts (or whatever they are) in Nigeria, though for their money shouldn’t suffer such fate. It’s not bad that they are working to make a living. For those fighting for emancipation (or freedom or oil money and whatever they fight for), I think I will support them if they rather wipe out the corrupt government officials –both past and present – in Nigeria because they are the ones selling out the country to foreigners to mess. These companies pay taxes but no one accounts for it and so everything is in dilapidated state. It’s a pity how that mismanagement can be as bad. Even Satan don’t find it trouble managing hell though we are told its only the corrupt and criminal that are there; yet rarely do we get news that they are fighting, cheating, mismanaging, etc. Well, if you know any of them Nigeria version terrorists, do tell them my suggestion. They need to start their action in State house Abuja then on to the 36 State house and all. They know them and they know whose own what. Devils!

Instead of the British government creating a law that stops people from making caricature of religions, they should rather make a law that stops religions from coming to preach on the street. It is an act bigger than freedom of expression or speech. Don’t we also have right to quiet environment? Churches, mosques, temples and whatever are them, (I belong and go to the church, if I should tell you) should keep their preaching business to the church or to where they are invited or agreed to be. Not on the road with speakers disturbing the peace of every other person. I am a Christian, in that order and with my right to be what I like; I think atheist and all others have their right to be what they want to be.

Well, I say a lot and a lot of people will get furious but forget it, it’s just my own opinion and I bet it gets no where. But bear them in mind and hate me not for it, but if you have to, it’s ok. Peace

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