Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh my! What Have I Just Done? Femi...

Oh my!!! what have I just done? I haven't behaved in this manner before. Never. I dont drop phones on people no matter what they say or do. But now, today for the first time in my life, I have been pushed to the wall and here I am, dropped phone on a very good friend; damn!!! This is rubbish.

Its just past 1am, my landline ringing woke me up. I know who it is. He is the only one that calls me by that time of the day, at least for the past half year, he is. Having finished my exams recently and gone over sleepless nights, I have gone back to obeying Marc's order(?) after my heart attack in January to sleep early, well, 12am isnt a bad. Femi woke me up and as usual, the normal arguement started. Well, its not arguement of badness per say, just some friendly discussion that always move like George Bush debating with his opponent before election.

Anyway, but this particular night, Femi went on and on repeating things. The annoying this is that he want me to accept his opinion which I dont argue about but like my life principle, your opinion becomes wicked to me if it flows into mine. I do not believe in biological family to the extent the world do, but he is insisting I have to; blimey!!! no way. But funny enough, I have answered his questions only for him to keep on giving me reasons about his own belief which sound a bit like forcing me to become him; poor boy. So at a point, both of us were talking at the same time. And like it goes, when everybody is talking, no one is talking. So I said goodnight and slammed the phone down. I am sorry Femi.

Well, 15mins after that, I got up and sent him text saying I am sorry but not forgetting to tell him to learn tolerance. Again, Sorry Femi for that, you are a good friend, but that makes us learn about each other the more. Hope you understand.

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Kennyman said...

Very unlike Godwyns to slam the telefone on a caller. He can be very aggressive and difficult at times.
Well, we all human and not perfect. Am glad you realised you have wronged Femi and I hope he accepts your apology.

Learn to manage your temper, bro!!!

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